Excess Stock Solutions

Changes in production or manufacturing processes can result in redundant or surplus inventory of electronic components.

This surplus stock can take up valuable storage space and tie up capital within your business.

We have two separate solutions for your excess stock requirements;

Firstly we can purchase your excess components in full and arrange collection directly from your location or we can sell your products for you on our consignment program by utilising our global network.

We buy semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, memory products, capacitors, connectors and all other associated products used in electronic manufacturing.

Call Avant Electronics today to arrange an appraisal or further discuss your specific excess requirements.

The Ultimate Solution

Component Kitting

Kitting is the ultimate solution to help simplify and optimise your supply chain.

There are many advantages to using Avant Electronics for your Kitting requirements as we can assist to reduce your vendor base, reduce cost of build, and free up your valuable time by offering a complete kitting solution either on schedule or as a one off order.

We take control of the purchasing, inspection, storage, preparation and delivery – supplying you with a delivered kit that is ready to assemble.

Avant Electronics will manage the full life cycle of the product you require, taking care of:

  • Active Components
  • Passive Components
  • Electro Mechanical
  • Programming
  • Hard-to-find
  • Obsolescence / Shortages